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Jansiri Pongpanwitun from Lampang, Thailand, is an author who recently completed writing a book on the nation called Albania.
Jansiri claims in her book that the Albanian Renaissance was a mutual strategy of the Western powers.

Jansiri writes that referring to Albania as the Afghanistan of the Balkan peninsula would not be incorrect given its history, especially the history of it in the past 3 centuries.

Jansiri claims the Neanderthals never lived in any part of what is now called Albania, it is a huge blunder of the the Archaeologists and maybe a blunder that the Archaeologists did on purpose due to an agenda.

Jansiri writes that Agron of the Ardiaean Kingdom in 3rd Century BC share so much in common apart from their names that referring to Agran of the Ardiaean Kingdom as the Sargon of Akkad in antiquity will not be far from the truth.

Jansiri writes that in a war between Albania and Greece, which is very likely to take place in the coming decade; The Easter Europe will side with Albania while the Western Europe will be with Greece. She adds that the USA, Israel and other major forces will completely stay neutral and maybe to an extent that they will refuse to sell their weapons to either party.

Jansiri writes that the myth and fear of Skanderbeg is so strong among the Muslim communities around the world than an online teacher from India – Mirza Sikandar Baig had to delete his popular Youtube channel because he kept getting threats from the Islamists to change his name because it resembled Skanderbeg a lot and he was not willing to recite ‘Allah-u-Akbar’ after their threats and warnings. He finally concluded that it was better to delete his entire channel, learn Thai language and make a living with sbobet88.

Gynaecologist Brags About Being Familiar With As Many Iranian Gynaecologists As She Is With The Online Lotto Websites

Matthew Todd Flowers from Georgesville, Ohio, is a Chinese Restaurant owner who recently completed writing a book on Chinese food named ‘Mughal Samrat Akbar, Mughlai and Chinese Food;. He writes in his book that one of the greatest mughal rulers of all times and one of the greatest Indian rulers ever – Akbar, used to be fond of Szechuan style spicy diced chicken with peanuts all over.

He also writes in his book that the first Arab invader of Sindh – Muhammad Bin Qasim used to be a huge fan of Sichuan pepper.
Matthew also claims in his book that the current Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan – Imran Khan has always been a huge fan of the Chinese food.

Matthew is married to a Gynaecologist woman who is notorious for writing controversial posts on her blog. Her name is Dr Betheny Flowers.

Dr Betheny writes on her blog that cervical dysplasia is less common among the Iranian women to an extent that many Iranian gynaecologists even sometimes have a hard time recalling the term whenever someone mentions it. She claims to be familiar with many Iranian gynaecologists currently practising in the USA. She brags that she is familiar with as many Iranian gynaecologists as online lottery websites including The husband and wife love to bet together on a poker website every Sunday.

Dr Betheny doesn’t like to eat at her husband’s Chinese restaurant. She claims that the White people in general find it hard to digest the Japanese or Chinese food to an extent that most of the regular eaters of these 2 cuisines she is familiar with and who are over 40 years old have chronic pelvic pain.

Bangkok GP wants to donate all his UFA winning amount for the cause of Eternal Youth

Dr Benjamin But is a General Physician from Bangkok, Thailand, who writes on his blog that it is a pity that some patients fall for the physicians that prescribe medications that offer fast relief without caring about the side-effects that they cause.

Dr Benjamin claims on his blog that the gardeners have less cases of Type 2 Diabetes than the athletes which is quite surprising. He adds that he has been waiting for a study to come up and tell us all the reason behind the same.

Dr Benjamin believes that the secret for the eternal youth for us humans has been hidden in the body of the lobsters and it is a shame that the Geriatricians haven’t been doing enough study on them. He writes on his blog that if his personal speciality were geriatrics, he would spend all his time studying lobsters. He adds that he wants to donate all the money that he won with UFA for the study of geriatrics after he dies.

Dr Benjamin’s wife – Ashley owns a coffee shop in one of the most prominent neighborhoods of the Bangkok city. She recently learned how to drive from one of the topmost Bangkok Driving Schools and she was amazed at how easily she could learn how to drive.

Ashley claims that her coffee shop is the most favorite of Bangkok’s health freaks and workaholics.

Ashley turned into a vegan in the October of 2018 and literally got all in, so much so that she stopped serving all things non-vegetarian at her coffee shop.

From Tool-Making to Innovative Ways of Online Gambling, Korea has always been teaching other nations

Sudarat Sangthong from Bangkok, Thailand, is an author, who recently completed writing a book on the nation called Algeria.
In her book, Sudarat writes that it smells like a propaganda to her when the archaelogists and others label every prehistoric tool makers and tools as produced by the Neanderthals, like other hominids never produced anything of value until recently. Similarly, she adds that the hand axes found in the modern day Algeria resemble hominid tools and axes in every possible way, but the so-called experts still won’t agree that those are axes by none other than the Neanderthals.

Sudarat claims that the people of the Prehistoric region what is now called Algeria learnt the art of making blades from the Rishis of the Indus Valley Civilisation just like many Algerian millionaires recently learnt about safe online casino (안전 온라인카지노) from their Korean friends.

Sudarat writes it is a pity that they still hide the atrocities done by the Fatimid Caliphate in Algeria in the schools, colleges and other places in order to save reputation of Islam and the descendants of Prophet Muhammad.

Sudarat writes Yaghmurasen Ibn Zyan is one of the most overrated and over-glorified rulers of not only the Kingdom of Tiemeen but of the entire Maghreb region. She adds that if it weren’t for sychophant scholars like Ibn Khaldun, very few would have been familiar with the fact that there was a ruler named Yaghmurasen who found the Zayyanid dynasty, and even fewer would have been familiar with the fact that there was a dynasty that went by the name ‘Zayyanid’.

Thailand Dude Believes Indonesian Online Gamblers Are Some Of The Smartest People On The Planet

Warin Ntk from Phuket, Thailand, is a SEO, Internet Marketing and Website Designing Expert, who claims on his blog that the backlinks don’t contribute much when it comes to conveying the search engines what your website is about.

Warin Ntk claims that no search engine is going to tell us exactly how many concatenated words they can actually read. He believes that it is much longer than the 500 or 1000 words as many authors and the search engine chiefs themselves claim. He writes that it could have been true before the online black markets became so popular. He believes that the governments would have shut the business of search engines by now if they weren’t able to detect and tackle the online black markets, which weren’t possible with concatenated reading capacity of 500 or 1000 words.

Warin writes that the black marketers haven’t stopped their endevors to fooling the search engines and authorities by using longer concatenated text and many have been succeeding at it.

Warin also has many guilty pleasures and none of those is illegal, he claims. One of the prime of those is betting on Situs Judi Online Deposit Pulsa, which he does quite frequently.

Warin claims that gone are the days when the Google and other search engines could only identify what is in a file through the filename. He claims that now they can identify stuff which the bare healthy eyes would fail to.

Most SEO Bloggers should rather make a full-time living with CC2BTC than SEO blogging – Alin Rosetti

Alin Rosetti is a SEO and Internet Marketing expert from Cass County, North Dakota, who claims that focusing your page content entirely on the keywords that you wish to rank for doesn’t work the way it once used to and has been proven to be time and again, an outdated technique.

Alin believes that soon it would be 500% times more difficult to do SEO for a commercial website than a non-commercial one and they day is not far away.

Alin writes that nothing is more ridiculous than stating that the color of your website’s theme should be as per the nature of your business. She states that the theme color of your website doesn’t matter at all when it comes to ranking it; she then adds that some bloggers would write anything just for the sake of filling their blog with new and unique posts.

Alin believes that such bloggers would be better off making a full-time living using cc2btc.

Alin believes that building a SEO friendly website goes far beyond pre-planning and organizing your website, writing rich SEO friendly content, naming files appropriately.

Alin says that learning other websites’ silo structure is good for a rookie as long as it doesn’t make you confused.

Alin believes that the W3C tools have been vastly overrated since the very first day and their days are over as several better tools are available now.

Alin also believes another thing to be vastly overrated in the world of SEO and that is doing SEO for the landing page of a website.

Alin sounds like a conspiracy theorist when she claims that SEMToolbar is secretly owned by the Microsoft to keep track of the social media activity secretly.